Aritst Chuckie Williams (1957-2000) is an artist we used to love to visit.  A drive to Shreveport was visiting with Artist Chuckie and a visit to Herby K's for a great bowl of gumbo and a shrimp buster. Loved both!
Chuckie loved Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family to the point that most other subjects still favored Michael or Janet.  We even have a portrait of the two of us where we look like Michael and Janet.
Chuckie's first art show was actually in his front yard when there was a fire next door and the fireman asked him to evacuate.  His reply to the firemen, was that he had millions of dollars of paintings inside; so they responded with helping him haul the paintings outside for Chuckie's first exhibit.
We would get letters from Chuckie telling us to come for a visit and buy paintings "man".  He ended each sentence with "man".  It went with his cool demeanor.  I don't think we ever visited him when he wasn't wearing sun glasses.
One of the things we loved the most about Chuckie were his titles for himself......Artist Chuckie, Painter Chuckie, Psychic Talent, Christ True Genius, Ghost Talent.  He had it all covered.