Campbell Bosworth lives and creates in Marfa, Texas.  He is a visionary carver & artist in every sense of the word.  Proof in the idea and creation of the most beautiful 9ft gilded, relief carved, and fully carved revolver bar, with rotating cylinder to hold tequila bottles and a barrel which opens to reveal mirrored bar for your liquor glasses.  We were lucky to have this piece in a past gallery exhibit.
We adore Camp and his work.  He is such a talented man and one of our dearest good timing friends.
"Grand Champion" (below) measures 22 x 33 x 10" so you can't wear with your favorite belt unless it is Texas-sized too, but you can contact us and purchase it for your home or hacienda.
Last year we hosted Camp’s exhibit “Thank You Drive Thru” all about the DQ.
So fun!

*contact us for more images of Dairy Queen pieces