Carl Block has been making face jugs for as long as we have been in Waxahachie, Texas.  That would be since 1987.  He is one of the first folks we met when we moved to town and opened a shop.
Carl is familiar with the Southern tradition of face jug making; combine that with his love of color, his family history of vacations to Mexico and his never-ending imagination and you get a man who can't quit turning out some amazing terra-cotta pottery!
I recently had the opportunity of taking a workshop with Carl.  With his past many years of teaching it is no wonder that he can put on a hell of a workshop and make everyone feel creative. 
As Carl spoke of his art and his approach to making art, I had new insight into his pottery.  I was reminded of the huge amount of work and intuitive thought that goes in to each piece.  He spoke of his mantra ATD (attention to detail) and my favorite quote "I breath the spirit into each piece".  Having known Carl for such a length of time, I can say he truly has the spirit in art and soul.
If he's not turning jugs, he's hanging out with his sweet family, riding his bike or searching out the newest mandolins on the market.