Snap Wyatt & Molly McGuire

                                                    upstairs gallery : block prints by Sean Starwars

                                                          September 11 - December 18, 2016

                                                   exhibit celebration: Sunday, Sept 11th 4-7pm          
                                          with entertainment by the legendary James Hand
                                and an ice cream cart from the famous Carnival Barker's Ice Cream

SNAP WYATT -  (1905-1984) Snap Wyatt was  a prolific painter of huge circus banners primarily in the 1940′s and 50′s. He was known for his speed and bold, cartoon-like painting style; and is banners were painted with quick caricatures, and only the essential details of the performer were outlined in black to make them stand out. His bright and colorful banners drew in the crowd with the mystery of circus excitement and surprise. 
MOLLY MCGUIRE is a living and working artist out of New Orleans.  She is know for her work painting the banners used on the 4th series of the American TV show, "American Horror Story".  
This series of "Original Sideshow Attractions" is her tribute to the people whose appearances were exploited (sometimes by their own choosing and sometimes not) by circuses and carnivals. She utilizes vintage photos of these unique individuals from Charles Eisenmann’s studio, as well as vintage postcards and memorabilia from rummage sales and antique shops nationwide.* The banners depict each "human oddity" and include their stage names, real names, physical condition (as described during their existence), birth and death dates, when such information is available.
*below are samples of work in the exhibit.  Please email us for additional images or information.