Ike E. Morgan, Ricky Bearghost, & Taylor Rushing

May 26 - July 21, 2019

We are crazy about the work of Ricky Bearghost! His work is beautiful and reminds us of a collective consciousness creation of breastplates. Ricky is aNative American weaver that was born on March 6th, 1964 in Sioux Falls, SD. When he was a boy, his family relocated to Oregon, where Ricky was sent to live in the notorious Fairview Mental Hospital because of his hyper-activeness and destructive behavior. He lived at Fairview from 1970 until the late 1980s. Thankfully, he was able to leave Fairview and join what would soon become the Portland Art & Learning Studio; a 10,000 sqft art studio for creative individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Portland, OR. While at the studio, Ricky discovered the freedom to express himself. He taught himself to weave and designed frame looms of varying sizes. At some point, he began weaving garbage that he collected along walks, such as bottle caps, twigs, sticks, jewelry, rope, and more into his creations and his style emerged. When his weavings are finished, he sometimes adds paint over them to bind loose items like leaves and candy wrappers permanently into his work. His weavings were featured in the "We. Construct. Marvels. Between. Monuments" at the Portland Art Museum and his enormous laugh is unforgettable. 

** Interview with Ricky & Daniel Rolnik (PA&L Studio director):
Ricky…. about your art?
I paint on the art. I put beads in the loom. I put sticks in the loom. I use a comb to push everything together. 
How does your art make you feel?
What do you think about while you're making art?
Make a weaving. (Laughter)
Does weaving make you laugh?
Yeah! (Laughter)
How many weavings have you made?
A lot! I made 18 last year. 
Has art changed your life?
What's your favorite thing to do besides art?
No art on the weekend. No loom on the weekend. I like listening to music and seeing my friends.
What kind of music do you like?
Rap! Rock n' roll. No jazz. Yeah, blues. All rock. 
Why do you paint your fingernails?
I like it. Green, pink, grey, and black. Paint it black. Paint it black. No toenails. Too hard. 
Why do you dye your hair?
like black. 
Why not let your hair go gray?
No like it. You like it

and new work from gallery favorite Ike E, Morgan!!!…….