Julie Murphy was born and raised just outside Chicago, where she currently enjoys residing, making art, and speaking the secret language of international dance moves.

Her childhood family home was obviously filled with creativity and artistic expression, as a couple of her sisters play music and Julie was a child chronic doodler which grew and flourished into a serious artist with her joy to make art.  “Undiscovered Creatures” was her recent exhibit she landed at the Chicago City Water Tower exhibition space after posting her office doodles on social media and catching the attention of curator at the Chicago Dept of Cultural Affairs. 
That great gig then transferred to being asked to create the coverfor the July/August edition for POETRY magazine.

We met Julie through Esther Pearl Watson and her work with the Illustrator Conference.  Julie serves on the board with Esther and we have been lucky enough to tag along to a couple of the meetings with this incredible group of creative artists.  We have met many cool people, but we clicked with Julie immediately.  Something about her smile and then when we looked at her artwork and it’s creative individual wit and humor, we were hooked.