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Margaret Sullivan lives with Slim, husband Preston, and a host of other animal family members on N-Bar Ranch in Reserve. New Mexico.
She makes jewelry in her solar powered studio just about every day. 
We met Margaret back in the late 1990’s when she and brother, Bob had a shop in Dallas, Texas called Puti. They sold folk art, cool stuff, and some of the beginnings of Margaret’s jewelry making.
She has dedicated her life to making stuff. Her jewelry has blossomed, bloomed and hit the highest level of skill, imagination, and totally representative of her beautiful wit.
If you don’t know the N-Bar Ranch, look it up. The place is the headquarters of two creative souls in Margaret and Preston. Beautiful business and location operated with love and in a way that honors the history of the setting and the cowboy.
When Margaret is not making jewelry you can find she and Slim doing the many ranch chores and enjoying the isolated beauty of the land.