Martha Rich loves words and she really loves language.  Not just any language, but the weird words and funny sayings we all say or catch others saying.  The kind of things that make you laugh or wonder where in the hell that came from. She is a vivacious lady with a contagious smile, plus wit and humor which add up to a true good time gal.

Martha was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but we first met her when she was Los Angeles. She attended Art Center College of Design there and befriended Rob and Christian Clayton, who encouraged her in art making.  She went on to teach and do illustration work, before moving back to Philadelphia and getting her masters degree.

She commutes on Amtrak to NY once a week to teach illustration at Fashion Institute of Tech.  On the return trip, she sits in the café bar, enjoys some wine, and gives herself a theme to draw. I had heard of the train theme drawing and wine trip and visualized it as a party, but was told by Martha that it was a currently a solo venture, but could be a future group shindig. Who wouldn’t want to join?

Martha is the major part of our current exhibit where there at 163+ speak bubbles and heads gracing the walls and creating a happy sea of faces and words like a laughter carnival of art.

Below are some of our favorites from the show. Install shots can be found on the current exhibit page of our site. All will be updated as they sale!