Max Kuhn is a true traveler in every sense of the word.  He sent us the most beautiful box set of stuff a couple of years back.  He didn't know us and we didn't know him.  Someone suggested to him that it was a good idea.  The box contained a book, recordings, and family films clips.  After taking time with the book, we felt like we knew Max and we were wowed by his artwork and installation images. 
We knew he made a living by taking appointments and tattooing in hotel rooms across the country, but was a traveler who was perfectly happy to keep to himself.  We tracked him down and worked to convince him to come meet us in person on one of his passes through the South.  He has a big following of admirers and clients, so I figured if I didn't let up we would get him here someday. 
He visited us with a suitcase filled with artwork.  Each piece was like a page in his journal.  They represented images on his mind, thoughts of the day, each a scene or a sense of his travels and his world.
We hosted a wonderful exhibit with Max and are so happy to know call him a friend and have him part of our gallery family.