Moshe's story is mysterious.  Born in 1944, his given name was James Brown, but in 1998 he had it legally changed to Moshe Zephaniah Ezekiel Isaiah Mordecai Baronetrevenakowske.  Late 2015 he was about to be evicted from his apartment and he contacted the Denver Mission for assistance.  They helped him salvage years of artwork that few knew he had created.  The pieces are riddled with emotion and were beautifully created with a delicate hand.  
For years Moshe was lover and partner to New York artist, George Tooker.  Their relationship is said to have ended in turmoil.
When Moshe was asked about the repeated big feet found in his pieces he responded that feet make you mobile, something he is currently not.   Moshe is now living in a assisted living facility and has a friend helping to oversee and care for him and his artwork. He has just secured a room as a studio and will start back creating art.