Dexter loves to travel and we do a plenty of it.  
We enjoy going around looking at interesting stuff in wonderous places.
West Texas is one of these wonderlands and Lubbock is surely the pinnacle of wonderment. Flat, flat and flat....but the nicest and real folks there!  
We have long been fans of that era of musical talent from Lubbock like Terry Allen, Jo Harvey, Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.  Not to mention Buddy Holly was from there and others we are not mentioning.
We recently went to visit Dirk Fowler & Jeff Wheeler about their artwork for our next show here at the gallery.  Both so nice and real folks in such a surreal setting.The neighboring town of Slaton has a sweet museum in an antique mall run by some super sweet German ladies who told us about the German idea of eating 7 sours and 7 sweets at each meal.  I have never heard of such and imagine it to make for a big meal, but she seemed to say it with conviction. And the sausage house combined with yet another antique mall.  I love a good combo business. 
What is it about Lubbock?  I love every time we visit.