We took a little trip through Arkansas and Oklahoma this past week.  
We live in a great world now, where it is easy to find good restaurants with fresh local fare.  Lord, we have had many a disappointing meal in the past just trying a place based on the review of local folks, a great building, or a good neon sign.
We ate at a nice place called The Greenhouse Grill in Fayetteville, loved their barley risotto so much, we struck out the next day to visit the local War Eagle Mill where we could purchase some and take it home.  Then we headed to visit the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.  This museum was started and funded by Alice Walton, Walmart heiress.  The building alone is worth the visit.  The collection is nice and there are surely pieces worth traveling to see, but for us the scope was limited in American Art.  But it is really nice gift for the area as it's free to visit and the guards are all enjoying their jobs and very mid-western pleasant.
We then headed to Tulsa to see one of my world favorite museums - The Phillbrook.  I can't even begin to tell of all of the great food we enjoyed in Tulsa.  You wouldn't have to leave downtown....nice hotels, great food, THE WOODY GURTHRIE CENTER, Contemporary 108, and my favorite of bars - the Cellar Dweller. 
We lucked out on getting to see our friends, The Bellfuries at the Mercury Lounge on Valentines Day.  The full moon brought the best show we had ever seen by these guys.  They are from Austin and have the early rock and roll sound down.  Such talented guys!!!!
On the way home, we went through several old downtown districts and in a sadly empty district, we saw one thriving business...The House of Overalls.  One super smart business mind in a country town brings me happiness every time.

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