Over the last decade we have fallen in love with the tradition of handmade cowboy boots!
Once you have someone put down an old ledger, trace, and measure all parts of your feet you know the specialness.  We have been collecting the boots of Rex Klingelhoefer for a number of years now.  He makes boots for ranchers, so they are made for wearing and comfort.  He, himself is a piece of artwork, which makes his boots so sincere, not to mention the care in his creations.  I'm heading to pick up a pair of new boots I ordered for our upcoming opening of our Texas exhibit.  He and his boots are as Texas as it gets.  
For me ordering boots brings on a slight sense of panic in just what I want, knowing that I am only giving Rex an idea to run with and he is the true creator from my suggestions.
Rex takes about 3-6 months to complete a pair of boots.  When i visited him to talk about the new pair i wanted, I had all kinds of ideas in my mind; but on the way I ran across this book cover and knew that was the thing for me.....Webb - Web - Spider - it's all such an obvious choice.  
I can't wait to see and slip into my new boots, but even more the step back in time with the visit to Rex is opening a door into old-school Texas culture and history, which is magical.