Well i had to show the end result after i posted the inspiration!  My goodness, I love them!!!
I have been working on Rex to make me some all white boots for years.  He had repeatedly shot down my idea, having never worked with the white kangaroo i was wanting for the shoe tops.  
Rex learned boot making from his Grandfather and has his own way and style.  He is a dry character and I love nothing more than a visit to a dry Texas character who possesses a ton of talent.
He has made some wonderful crazy ideas of boots for Bruce and I for years now.  In fact, he let me know upon my visit this week, that he had been making boots for us for 10 years.  He treasures that we have introduced him to some interesting artistic types who challenge his learned ideas of boot making.  We treasure him, his wit, his talent, and his old school timeless way of doing things....He is definately an example of the quote "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".