Just returned from a much needed get away trip to Marfa, Terlinqua, Big Bend Country, & even some crossing the border into Mexico.  
We  visited our dear old friends in Marfa, Buck and Camp.  Camp is an amazing artist and it is always super fun to see what new thing he is working on.  We have known him quite some time and followed his artwork just as long.  I don't know any other artist who has grown in skill, imagination, and just down right kickass talent like Camp.  We are super happy about the pieces of his art we picked up for the gallery!!  Daisy looks like she loves them too!
Buck is always a joy with her giggle, smile, willingness, and best ambassador to the world qualities.  We usually pick a meal to conquer and cook together.  This one by the queen Marcella Hazan was one of our best....weird orange cake, lamb chops, velvetty tomato sauce with fresh pasta, and roasted endive!
While in Marfa, we stayed at the El Cosmico site in a calgary tent.  It was great weather, super comfy bed, great outdoor showers, interesting friendly folks from all over and Dexter and Daisy  really enjoyed the place. 
One evening Bruce stumbled out of the tent to head to the toilet.  Dexter in his excitement of a new place followed him.  They both groggily returned to the tent area, yet heading to the wrong tent.  Dexter went in and hopped upon the bed waking the surprised couple... but luckily Bruce was awoken by their shreaks and did not hop upon their bed too.  Everywhere we went in Marfa for the next few days we encountered the sweet couple and new friends of Dexter's.  They always had a smile and chuckle for us.

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