Saturday started out like most Saturdays for us....a visit to our local famers markets where we buy produce from our friends, talk of the town, and keep Daisy and Dexter wrangled. We opened the gallery at our regular 1 o'clock and had several interesting folks through the door.  Then came our old friend Susie.  She and her husband own a well-known recording studio outside of town and they have supported the gallery for many years.  She brought in friends who were visiting her and by God, it was Ramblin Jack Elliott and his friend Rick. Rick is traveling and road managing Jack on a small tour and his gig in this area feel through, so he was visiting and enjoying the day with Susie.  Susie knows our sensibilities and knew we would enjoy Jack .  
Ramblin Jack had been on our minds many times in the last year....first when we were visiting one of very favorite letter press guys, Dirk Fowler in Lubbock and asked him who he wanted to make a poster for and if he had ever contacted someone just to make them a poster....Ramblin Jack Elliott was the answer.  Then when visiting Tulsa this year we spent time at the Woody Guthrie museum and saw some beautiful photos of Rambling Jack and Woody.  We have talked many times of their friendship and how we would love to have Ramblin Jack perform at the gallery.  Little did we know life would bring us a private performance.  Love life.