We got to see our friend, Bill Daniel's "Who is Bozo Texino" documentary last week.  We've known Bill many years, seen the making of this great film, and enjoyed many versions over the years.  Bill is currently on a tour with another friend, musician Ralph White.  Both are a great pair for traveling and doing their thing.  Easy going fellas just doing and enjoying life.  Bill is a photographer first and foremost.  We got to know him years back in the Dallas Punk Rock scene.  He was at every show snapping photos. Years later he lived by the Dallas train tracks and fell in love with train car markings by hobo, tramps, and train workers. He fell hard for the mystery of the makers of the recurring imagery and set out to match maker with marks.  The documentary was and is still a labor of love for Bill.  It is something that will live forever in product, tale, and work.  It's Bill's thing.  I realized as i enjoyed it once again with it's slight changes and altercations that the film is Bill.  
Ralph White is the same kind of musican.  His banjo, guitar, and kalimba songs have a rhythm all their own.  His confidence in playing is spectacular.  The combo is beautiful and fully represents the person and life of Ralph.
We all got to do our own thing.  You can try all sorts of things, but they all filter out in the end and what sticks and lasts is your thing.