Many of you out there know we have 2 boston terriers and many of you have met them.  Daisy and Dexter are two rescues who are our world.  It is a constant clown show around here with them.  Dexter was abandoned at a fancy boarding facility when he was 1 yr. He is the best dog we have ever had and in many ways smarter than us.  We have had him for 6 years now.  Daisy was a breeder and we are certain she made the cutest puppies ever, but when she got heartworms, her owners gave her up.  Through bad food or inbreeding, or both, she hardly has teeth enough to anyone to know how old she is.  Probably about 4-5.  We have had her a couple of years now.  They are so different just like people. I was watching them play today and thought about a dinner party we attended this weekend.  It was thrown by the most thoughtful fun folks who wanted to bring together some of their friends of the "art world".  It ended up being one of the craziest of gatherings of all different folks who all had strong varying opinions and passions.  It was not a sleeper.
Just like Daisy and Dexter to me, life can be an everyday clown show if you let it.