We start 2016 excited about so many things.  Obviously i got caught up in life and it's goings ons from about mid-August through the end of last year and have not taken time to spit out any wisdoms.  
This past year we started working with several new artists whom we are really excited about in 2016 - Rich Cali (above image) is such an amazing fella - go getter.  We love his spirit, the way he looks at things, his easy going personality, his beautiful rendering talent & style, and his sweet wife Autumn. Julie Murphy is another fun, tango loving, great sense of humor gal who we met through Martha Rich & Esther Pearl Watson.  Her drawings of made up TV shows and other worlds make us smile and belong part of Webb Gallery.  Robert Adale Davis creates these obsessive sewn pieces which make beautiful tactile sculptures of clothing and mandalas from found thread and found objects.  Along with the art of other artists whom are already part of the Webb Gallery family, our nearly daily finds of antique elements, a few artists we will be introducing this year and the release of Bruce Lee & Lynne Adele's book launches our year off rocket style - full speed ahead.
Look for us at the Outsider Art Fair this January, plan to come see our fraternal exhibit prior to Feb 14th and put our next exhibit opening Feb 28th on your calendar.  Check out our upcoming exhibits page for more events.  Please join us for the ride.