Some days I really miss Arlen McMillan.  Years back, Arlen was always walking through downtown Waxahachie.  We became friends and he would stop, rest, get a cold drink, or share lunch with us.  He grew up in Waxahachie and lived in the family home on the east side of town..  Arlen made a meager living digging and selling bottles.  He had no electricity or running water.  He lived a simple life and was a happy fella, except for the occasional troubled teenagers stealing from him. We were always inspired by his choice of simple yet happy living. I know there were comforts he may have desired, but what he lacked, he made up for in the joys of discovery.  One day Arlen visited and brought us a beautiful hand colored military photo of his Father.  He said he wanted us to keep it for safe keeping, but we knew it was a treasured gift to us for he never mentioned it again.  We have the most beautiful huge tretagonal amethyst crystal he brought us which he dug up from the creek running through Waxahachie.  Years later after Arlen's visits became less frequent as he aged and then stopped all together,  I looked up the crystal and it's power.  Supposed to bring the best of luck.  Thank you Arlen.
We treasure the memory of your friendship and your inspiration to keep it simple and  find happiness in discovery.