This is a photo of our dear talented friend, Margaret Sullivan.  She makes incredible jewelry, lives on a working ranch, and has dedicated her life to both.  Both would be considered a craft and skill gained through years of work and wisdom.  I often think about what is takes to do the best job you can do in doing whatever you do.  I believe that is the key to happiness and contentment. I recently read a letter response by Robert Ryan to a young tattoo artist inquiring about entering the field of tattooing and was struck just how his response seem to fit any life path, career choice, or sincere endeavor.  Not to mention that Robert is a great highly revered artist and obviously wise and thoughtful.  Enjoy.....
"Hello greetings and may this find you well. In my personal opinion
You have to humble yourself and learn the basic skill of tattooing before you try to apply your own style to this craft . A good teacher will instill a strong foundation in basic tattooing. This can mean what ever is popular at the shop and to meet the demands of the clientele. You must learn the history and the mechanics of the craft as well as the psychology of the customers and the dynamics of the tattooer to client relationship. There should be a level of ethics taught as well. This can sometimes mean 2 to 3 years as an unpaid apprentice if you are actually accepted by a quality teacher . This is an initiation process and should be viewed as part of the path and done with humility and happily with service to the shop, the teacher and most importantly to tattooing .This craft is infested with cavalier egocentric johnny come lately’s and money hungry teachers who churn out apprenticeships without any concern for the state of tattooing. To me these are vile people and have no real place in the craft. 
If you are sincere , respectful, patient and most importantly have love for tattooing you will find your way and it will take very good care of you . 
Good Luck
Robert Ryan"