This man has spent his entire life doing what moves him.  I love music.
 The other day I was in one of my favorite colorful places, the Waxahachie post office and was standing in line between an older lady with a marvelous cane topped with a folk art horse head carving and a bearded fellow with beautiful tattoos.  The line can be long and move slow at our post office, but when everyone else is starting to squirm and grumble, I'm always pretty happy to be in the middle of folks I don't know who share my town.  So, as the older lady started telling the young woman in front of her that she was old and could do whatever she wanted and stay up all night, I turned to the tattooed fellow and started conversation.  I have a fondness for great tattoo artwork and am a little studied on some of the great artists and shops out there, so I asked him who did his classic nice work.  
"A guy in Kansas City.  I fly him in.  He has sponsored some of my bands European tours."  
Well that wasn't the answer I expected so I trudged on to continue my
He told me a name, that I thought....hmmm Metal?  And although I hate the question, "What kind of music is your band?"  "Heavy", was his answer.
"So like Norwegian Death Metal?" 
"No, just heavy."
We continued our small chit chat and I knew by then that he was somebody.
I raced home to look up his band and made it though hardly 30 seconds of the youtube video and read the lengthy wikipedia on his band, realizing that they are considered "Christian Metal Core" and the complete opposite of Norwegian Death Metal.  
Throughout the day, I laughed at myself for my assumptions and continued to enjoy his kind replies without ever really telling me anything. He was doing what moved him for sure.