Outside of Waxahachie is the Western Kountry Klub and it is a beauty of a place.  Old bunker style building which was a 1940's skating rink and now a true Texas dance hall owned by the nicest couple who throw their heart and souls into it.
The place is only open on Saturdays and it's byob and has long tables covered in checkered table cloths around the edges of the room with a huge wooden dance floor in the center and a sky of white strings lights making the ceiling.  
Folks come from all over to hear the live bands and dance.  These are not usually the bands you would hear on the radio, but bands who are thrilled to play some country music for the dancers and I mean DANCERS, from the young kids up to the quite senior citizens.
It doesn't take long to recognize the regulars.  Their personal handmade name plates on their tables is the first clue and the dance floor is the second.
We have been going out to the Kountry Klub from time to time over many years now.  It's always the true definition of joy.  Everyone is there to have a good time.
Amongst the regulars are 2 senior ladies who dress alike and dance together.  Some say they are sisters.  But my favorite is Flo.
Flo is a little lady  and always a sharp dresser who has years of outfits and accessories that she continues to pull from to maintain her style of vintage contemporary classic much like a western Edie.
So that alone is enough for me to love her.  Not to mention that cute white blonde beehive. 
Flo has her own small table near the back on the side with perfect access to the dance floor.  She has a carved and painted plaque on her table that simply reads "Flo".  I don't believe I have ever seen her smile and I want so badly to be her friend that every time we are there I go by her table to say hi, but I am usually met with a little sideeye glance from a lady who is more interested in what is going on the dance floor than me.
I know she lives in a town at least 15 miles away, she drives herself and usually is there until the last dance.  Flo is choosy and she loves to dance when she has a good partner.
Last night as a group of us friends enjoyed the music of James Hand and danced the night away, I saw Flo as I circled the dance floor with various partners and as she did the same.  
James Hand is one of my favorites and is soul brothers to Hank Williams.  He is the real deal.
As James was inching up to closing hour, the crowd was thinning and James was giving it all for the last song.  
My Hero Flo came to the front of the dance floor and without a word or smile, joined me in a dance.  As the song ended and we were standing each other, she slipped her hand in mine and told me I needed to come by more often.  I melted.