We end this year with the passing of our old friend Norbert Kox. Norb was the real deal. We showed his work a couple of times in the past and even exhibited this piece back around early 2000’s, could have even been 2000. Norb was once in a tough motorcycle gang in Wisconsin. He sadly witnessed the killing of his brother. Following this tragedy, Norb retreated to the woods and was transformed through faith and religious thought. Norb saw people, situations, and circumstances through biblical standards, hypocrisy, and wit. His paintings were beautiful and very insightful. He had a strong mind and up until a couple of months ago, he was the only person we knew who had the power of dousing. He did everything through faith and a personal strength like no one else I have ever met.
When Norb came to visit us for the opening of his exhibit, we took him to eat Thai food one night. He asked for his food hot….really hot….like as hot as they make it. He got it and still added additional chilis. We love spicy food, but we were amazed as his enduring the heat.
Norb ate like he lived - honestly and full throttle. Norb passed in Bimini, Florida his favorite place.
We are selfishly saddened because we were not finished with Norb, but Norb was finished and he left behind many admirers and a legacy of art to tell his ongoing story. 2019 will not be the same without Norb.
Rest in Peace Norb. You lived it right.