New post on my birthday of 54 years on the planet seems appropriate today. I use Willie Nelson’s image, for if anyone on this planet can teach us on the positive points of aging it would be him. He has far surpassed me in years, but I can see the things I admire in him are the things I strive for in life and admire in others. Simplicity and love for humanity. Seems simple enough, but life throws us all kinds of curves and stumbling blocks to make the path a bit more difficult. Of course that is living.
This Summer we did some amazing travels and had the opportunity to study 2 seemingly polar opposites in artists, Georgia O’Keefe and Ross Ward. But in reality their biggest differences were just style. Both working and created amazing works of art in New Mexico. Both were inspired by their surroundings and the people within them. Their drive was a simple drive to create what they loved where they loved.
At 54 I realize I am most at ease in a simple gathering of friends and not large masses of people, but I can also enjoy the energy of a crowd without feeling like I need to work to maintain a part of it all, like I would run myself silly doing in my youth. Willie Nelson loves a crowd and that energy and doesn’t need to work to maintain his place in the pack. He is the leader of the pack. It’s all really very simple. Live to find your comfortable place in each day and each minute. Make a difference in what you love and where you love it.