Rev JL Hunter and his lovely wife, Ruby lived in Oak Cliff- Dallas, Texas.  We met them in 1989 and fell in love with their sincere warmth, care, love, wisdom, and Rev. Hunter's art work.  
Rev. Hunter saw people, characters, and things in wood that made us look at wood and art differently. 
He was the pastor at True Light Baptist Church in South Dallas for many years and served his congregation and his community in a giving and loving way.
When he wasn't pastoring, he was out gathering wood to scrape, carve, paint , and bring to life.
Rev Hunter had a wonderful way of signing his pieces using a heated old ice pick to burn his initials JLH on the bottom of each piece.

*We have a great inventory of Rev Hunter's work.  Below are a couple of our favorites which are easy to ship.  Please contact us if you are interested in seeing other available pieces.