Ricky’s work and story is amazing! He spent many years living in the not so good Fairview institution of Oregon.. Then finally the institution closed and Ricky got his own apartment within an environment where he has much more freedom, yet the help he needs.
Ricky started going to the Portland Center for Art & Learning and one day he started weaving.
As far as anyone at the center can recall, there was a weaver who visited, demonstrated, help set up a loom.
Then Ricky took to the idea.
He loves to collect beads which the folks at the center help to keep his collection safe and available to him when he is working.
He makes ceramic beads to include in his weavings.
Ricky also gathers pieces to include which can be anything from leaves, found objects, and the occasional secretly gathered pieces.

We have wondered if these breastplate looking pieces come from items he has seen and admired or from a collective consciousness.
Whatever they are, they are beautiful creations which make Ricky laugh with joy and pride.
We are in awe of his pieces’ composition and his exuding joy.

*please email us for additional images and information on the pieces below.
They are range in size but approx 12-14 in width and 26-32 in length.
$650. each