We know Tim from our punk rock youth.  He played in one of our favorite bands, The Big Boys who were from Austin.  We saw them just about every time they were through Dallas and rode the bus to Austin to see them there.  Tim is still playing music, but mainly Irish or old time tunes these days.  Tim has done visual art for years.  He studied at UT in Austin under the well known photographer, Gary Winogrand.  He has also been painting on everything from cardboard, to wood and maps.    He is known far and wide for his paintings and mural work.  His subjects tend to be the obscure masters in their fields, from musicians, artists, civil rights workers,  to sports and literary figures.  He paints beautiful minimal portraits with a quote or an rare tidbit about the person.  We have been lucky to work with Tim and show his work which is an on-going research into the undiscovered or little known star.