We took this great portrait of Jimmy Lee Sudduth and Rev BF Perkins at the Kentuck festival about 1990.  Both were such sweet artists who loved what they did and why they did it.  They taught us about why you do what you do and to do what you love.  
We have memories of Jimmy Lee Sudduth and his dog Toto (actually I believe there was a lineage of 3 over the years, but all named Toto).  Jimmy Lee had a smile like no other smile I have ever seen or felt.  It was bigger and brighter than life itself.  He loved to sing and play the harmonica.  He so enjoyed the attention and visits that his art brought him.
Rev BF Perkins was a little more of a reserved man who built a small church in on a beautiful hill. His artwork blended his love and convictions on religion, patriotism, and the state of the world and man. He told us that he had performed the ceremony of marriage for George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado in his church. A fact he was proud of.
Both men wore their pride well and exuded their love for life and their visitors.  
We would drive to see them both often for our dose of realness and positive spirit in human nature, not to mention their sweetness and talents which always amazed us.
We miss them greatly, but they live on with us everyday whether in memories or their artwork.