We were in Fort Worth this Friday and Saturday set up at the Fort Worth Antique and Art Show.  By God it was fun to see old friends, meet new ones, and do some Fort Worth time!  We love Fort Worth!  That city and it's folks have always supported us here in Waxahachie.
Our dear friend let us stay at his place and we spent some time out of the market to try a new restaurant that our friends did the interior....Clay Pigeon.  It's in the old Lambert's space and we loved us some Lamberts, but the new interior is very fact i down right loved the lighting.  The food was lovely.  Our server was slightly slow minded, but we were in no hurry and his dally did not surpass our dilly of good vibes just relaxing in cowtown.
Saturday night brought the good fortune of seeing Mike Stinson, from Houston who i always enjoy.  I was thrilled to share his good music with Bruce and a couple other friends.
That evening a spotted a smiling lady who had the look of half lost and half over-joyed.  I later heard the story of her having been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  She and her husband of obvious many years loved dancing together.  They looked up the evenings music offerings and listened to the bands all day, chosing which one they went out to seek for dancing.  I watched them dance and had never seen two people so happy to hold each other and sway to the beat.  Once out of just sheer love of music and dancing and the other out of love for his lady.