Today we went to see the David Bates exhibit at the Modern Art Museum in FTW.  It was my 3rd time to see it....twice with glasses on and today with glasses off, as I forgot them.  It didn't seem to make a difference.  My God, that man is a painter!  I thought about it today as David Bates is a people's painter.  His skill and sight are insightful, super well executed and sincere in his chosen subjects.  There is something for everyone in his work.
Each time I visit I have a new favorite, but I can't quit being stunned by the Dark Time piece. The piece is done in mauve tones ( a color i run from) yet it is so dynamic!  And I get an overcoming of verklemptness each time i have hit the Katrina series pieces.
As we ended the last part of the exhibit and his self portraits, there was a group of small tables filled with older folks doing some colored pencil drawings.  We know David and I secretly critic his self portraits each time i hit this room as only two or three really represent the David I know, but today all I wanted to see in that room was what the table full of folks drew and knowing David.....I know he would feel the same.
p.s.  I know this photo has nothing to do with David Bates, but my sweet amazing jewelry making friend Margaret Sullivan was visiting this week and took this portrait of me and Dexter with Daisy in the background asleep in her chair.  If i painted a self portrait this week, I would start here.