We were first introduced to Walter Cotton's work back in 1995.  They were owned by one collector and preserver in Mexia and they hung in his well house and barn.
Walter Cotton was a chauffeur and later the principal of the black school in Mexia.  He painted paintings for the school and his church.  The painting above was a portrait of his Grandfather and one of our favorite of his paintings. The love and admiration shown in this painting is beautiful.
We took the collection on consignment and at that the same time period serving on the advisory board for a self taught art of Texas exhibit - Spirited Journeys - Twentieth Century Self Taught Art in Texas.  We immediately got Walter Cotton's work included in the exhibition and the catalog.  They are beautiful paintings and such great examples of faith and Texas history.  The piece included in the Spirited Journey's exhibit was a huge painting "Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation at Stroud Plantation".
We have sold a number of Mr. Cotton's paintings over the years to some great folks and today we are loading up the remaining paintings and delivering them to join the collection at the AFrican American Museum in Dallas.  
We are so happy that Walter Cotton's work can live on and be studied and enjoyed for many years to come there!